Jasminebed Game old gal. Have had en route for send a few grand more than once via western union to nigeria to help speed up the business but the guy keeps calling me and insists everything is A Acceptable, which is rare imo if compared to a lot of CS as of other countries where you have en route for make the call yourself as if not can get ignored.

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Additional Bonus Offers Every Week. Highnoon is an accredited casinoDo you actually act alot of casino or just affix to a few at a time? Search forums. And I was verified Very very unlucky place to act. It was in this process I learned alot about the support personel that answers chats and phones after that what relation they are into their employers. After calling them and available bananas on the phone I got them to understand what kind of cards theese were and the balance was verified and problem solved.

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Around are no more worthy new casinos for me to try. Its a shame really and a blight arrange their otherwise good service. He managed to lose even more since it had been days of no act and only arguing with support, thats how gamblers work I know this is why that function is around That being said my experience along with Rizk is nothing of that benevolent, they are super fast together along with guts.

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They screwed me over so big so as to I hate all south africans as of this! And if I was broke, went for a no accretion hunt and the bonus did not work I feel played aswell after that put them there. I have en route for mention that they blocked the complete verification process everytime like they were a judge, and each time was another lie. If I were you - I would not play by theese casinoes to be honest!

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