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Choose see below and please note additionally the amount of significant withdrawals, individual literally 10 days prior, that I have made previously with no issues. I go home and contact Unibet live support again as I aim calling Unibet telephone number helpline compound times with no success. Originally Posted by theonepunter. It's good the you got this resolved and probably would have always been the case at the same time as if they didn't they would be breaching there license. This is the issue and I will get ago to this later on. Steve has helped me tremendously and the abandonment is now confirmed and processed. The whole time they just provide me with extremely vague descriptions of can you repeat that? they need for proof of possession.

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My second withdrawal to e-wallet took being they apologized for the delay - "technical error". I am happy en route for provide, if needed, video and activate recording evidence of me literally available in to the bank and asking for this document and them saying "no we do not ever accomplish this and have not heard of it", and me phoning head administrative centre and them saying the exact alike thing. Hi Jannah93welcome to the Area. If your withdrawal still hasn't arrived after this time don't count broadcast holidays or weekendsplease contact us by email. Send a private message en route for kapetain.

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Achieve Threads Started by pecal. Search titles only. Find More Posts by pecal. Send a private message to theonepunter. Originally Posted by YourMumsOnFire Bobo - please could you maybe edit the title so people know it's been resolved so that people aren't assassination their time to help me. Choose take care to cover the six 6 intermediary digits as well at the same time as the CCV-code at the back of your credit card.

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