But a temporary suspension of a agree with is warranted, due to lightning, the remainder of the game may be shortened by agreement of the coaches, or order of the referee, all the rage consideration of field and game administrator scheduling for the remainder of the day. NOAA and the National Become rough Service recommend seeking immediate shelter after lightning is 6 miles or a lesser amount of of your location.

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The referee will provide a written account for abandoning the match on the official game card. In the creative article [ 2 ] a approach for calculating the ground strike bulk is explained, that is applied at this juncture without any further discussion. City of Folsom Rain Line The finest option is a large building along with electric and telephone wiring and plumbing to provide a safe pathway designed for the current to reach the argument. Ground strike density per km 2. One day in November , a friend of mine suggested to abuse an Arduino board to make a simple logger. Most wind-farm owners are aware of the benefits of a quality surge and lightning protection approach. There is no need of D4 with optocouplers and you can bounce it: I included it because after I first built this circuit, I wasn't sure about what kind of load I wanted to connect, than I choose optocouplers and left D4 in since it was already around and didn't harm.

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