Based on the access given, the abuser can access this screen. This amount will be defaulted only if the customer type is individual with definite or joint mode of operation.

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Denote the type of authority. The Balance number of customer for which you are defining special conditions is displayed in this field. However, you be able to modify the details. This is a multiple entry field where the business code s for which the ceiling is applicable can be captured. Denote a unique identifier to identify arrange of transaction types and the individual restrictions.

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But collateral type is TD or deposit then only secured collateral category bidding be displayed in the option catalogue. While passing transactions to an balance with a sub-limit the first accept check made is against this sub-limit amount. This specification will be defaulted from the account class linked en route for the customer account. Auxiliary Under Assist you can view other details akin to provisioning etc.

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Arrange search, the system displays the next details pertaining to all the accounts held by this customer. You be able to select the appropriate account class as of the list of all the applicable account classes maintained in the approach. Also, reversals made through the DE module will not be considered designed for exclusion. The ATM account number which is a numeric value will be used only for information purpose after that no further processing will be done based on this field. Currency You have to identify the currency of the customer account. You cannot adapt it.

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The corresponding amount for the account cash will be defaulted. You now allow to specify the numeric values of all the UDEs that you identified for the interest rule. If you choose not to enable this alternative, account statements will be generated anyhow of whether there has been a movement of funds or not. This is an eight character identifier. Bharti Infratel. If the linked or replicated signatories are less than the individual minimum number then the system displays an error message. You can adapt this code. Use the Add emblem to define each status and the attributes for the same.

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